Step #1
Walk from the Cannon to Reynolds Walk

Step #2
Walk down Reynolds Walk.

Step #3
Keep walking straight.

Step #4
Keep walking straight.

Step #5
Keep walking to the crosswalk up ahead.

Step #6
Walk across the road to the Animal Science & Nutrition building up ahead on your right.

Step #7
Take a right turn off the walkway towards the entrance of the building.

Step #8
Enter the building through the doors on your left.

Step #9
As you enter the building walk up the stairway on your left.

Step #10
Walk upstairs to the 3rd Floor.

Step #11
2nd floor! Keep walking upstairs.

Step #12
Continue walking upstairs towards the 3rd floor and enter the hallway.

Step #13
Walk down the hallway on the right, your room will be up of the left.

Step #14
ANNU 302